Dogtooth Tuna

Not actually known for being the most alluring fish in the ocean, the dogtooth fish has, lately, become progressively looked for after by sport anglers looking for a challenge. The explanation it’s difficult to pull in is a direct result of a one of a kind stunt the dogtooth pulls once snared – it makes a fast jump straight down, even against the heaviest handle. The danger of the line snapping during this quick plunge makes the dogtooth one of the most troublesome game fish to land.

Watch Out for Sharks on the LineĀ 

In case you’re a dogtooth fish (Gymnosarda unicolor) you’ll likely invest the greater part of your energy swimming around the shallow reefs of the western Indian Ocean and as far north as Japan and South Korea. The explanation you’ll remain nearby to the reef is a result of the scrumptious nourishment accessible there. Medium-sized tutoring fish are on the menu and since you’re an awful predator, you won’t have any issue eating down some mackerel, rainbow sprinters and scombrids. Besides its speed and determined character, the dogtooth makes for an exceptionally intense catch since shark frequently botches snared dogtooth as a lure. This implies notwithstanding pulling in a 100 or more pound fish, you may have a shark connected to it, who needs to play a round of back-and-forth.

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