Clyde Frazier Has Been Doing This for Years

Thank God—or whatever big dust dude in the sky you believe in—that NBA legend Walt “Clyde” Frazier was in Houston, Texas, last night. Because if he hadn’t been, you’d have absolutely no idea that tie covered in globular magenta and yellow matches a crimson plaid blazer. And yet, as you can see, it is simply what we call divine harmony.

But this isn’t just two retro cupids wearing plaid blazers and playing lutes in heaven. Because Frazier demonstrates an important lesson if you are hoping to expand your fits in the coming days or hours or however much time we have left on earth, or if you are simply hoping to escape a bout of Mental Fit-tigue (hehe).

And here is the LESSON, assembled fit parishioners: everything goes together if it’s the right proportion and communicating in the same color language. Clyde’s butter yellow shirt, his CrAzY Pucci-esque tie, his tangerine pants, his crispy plaid blazer—none of these things matches in the traditional sense, but it all flows into one beautiful fit because it tells a similar color story—who narrative arc is essentially “CITRUS WOW”—and everything is just the right shape. Welcome to heaven, where the plaid wolf lives with the Pucci-print lamb and the orange pant leopard lies down with the tasteful bag goat, and Clyde Frazier will lead them!

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